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Training Guide

(The information contained here is not new and is not a revelation- Just the method and Philosophy I have realized through 9 years of training as a student of – Master Sergio Penha.- 7th Degree Red and Black Belt.)

Common Sense Guide to Training Jiu Jitsu

Training at the Club

Wash Your GI – seems like a no brainier but – Wash your GI.

Cut your finger nails, cut your toe nails.

Practice good hygiene. If you have an open sore or cut that is not ringworm or Herpes, put a Band-Aid on it. If it is something else- Stay off the mat until it is gone.

Bring water/ Fluids with you.

Bring your belt.

Show up early for training – If class is at 10 am, be there by 9:55.

Check your ego at the door- No one can learn when you already “Know it all”

Show your instructor the respect he deserves- Don’t talk while he’s talking or demonstrating a sequence or move. LISTEN- LISTEN- LISTEN- This is the most important point!! When in class, in order to learn you must listen to your instructor.

Be a good training Partner

In Practice

Try not to use 100% power when practicing a new move, sequence of moves, If you do- you’ll never learn properly. Allow your partners to learn the move at their own pace. Try not to make it too difficult for your partner to learn the move for the first couple of times. Purposely making it too hard for your partner to learn is not good training.

There are always a thousand what if’s- just forget about everything- except THAT MOVE or SEQUENCE. Practice it over and over until the instructor says stop.
When learning or practicing the move or sequence -. Just practice the same move as the instructor showed as many times as you can in the time allowed.

Always accept advice from black belts they have proven themselves to be worthy to offer it. Always accept an offer to roll with the black belts if they ask. You can learn from them.

Rolling at the club – in Practice

Be a good training partner. Especially for the lower belts, always try to help. Don’t just hold- let them move.

Try the new moves you’ve learned that day or week. Try to incorporate new moves when rolling so that you can have a better game.

If you outweigh your training partner by 50 pounds-don’t use that weight all the time. Let them play. You can’t learn or teach if your happy just to sit on someone.

If you’re twice as strong as your training partner- what good is it -to just use strength the whole time? Let your partner move and you can work on your technique. Simply smashing someone in training that you outweigh or are stronger than is not Jiu Jitsu- It is something less. Try to improve your technique when practicing by not using your strength or weight advantage.

Open your game, play on the bottom, play on top, play side control- half guard, put yourself in a bad position so you can figure out how to get out of it. Try new things that you need more work on . Try to use power at the appropriate times. Always use technique. Don’t forget to breathe when training. When practicing at the club, it is OK to Tap if you get caught - just Tap and move on. It’s not the end of the world.

If you get a submission don’t go for the same one again- in the same roll – even if it presents itself- until you get a new partner- This way you’ll be forced to try more moves and your game will improve.

Don’t submit the new guy 10 times in one roll- Its demoralizing. Let them work and you can help build confidence in their game as well as yours.

Unless it’s the new guy says that says it’s his “first day”- then try’s a flying triangle- then it’s up to you…


(To utter a plaintive, high-pitched, protracted sound, as in pain, fear, supplication, or complaint. To complain or protest in a childish fashion, to make excuses, with no basis in fact)


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