In 1977, when only 17 years old, Sergio Penha was introduced to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by his friend, Wagner Cardoso, a black belt in the sport, who invited him to see Professor OsWaldo Alves academy which, by the way, is still open today. From the beginning SÚrgio demonstrated a talent for the understanding of Jiu-Jitsu. Only six months later, he already was showing a very good knowledge level of the sport. Especially when taken to other renowned academies. Still wearing a blue belt, Sergio became a very hard opponent to deal with, even when facing brown and black belts. Slowly he became recognized as a fighter of abilities, with ease of learning and hard to beat. Two years later he was submitting most opponents in championships in a few minutes, even older fighters, well known ones, some even heavier than he. As the eighties came by, he was considered amongst the 5 best Jiu-Jitsu fighters around. Now, 30 years later, during and after following a career as an airline pilot, Sergio never lost the affinity for the art, and continues to practice and teach Jiu-Jitsu. Currently living in Las Vegas, Sergio started his own business by opening the academy which carries his name, "SÚrgio Penha Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy". Read More

TapOut Magazine, Ten Minutes with a Master Jiu-Jitsu Player: Sergio Penha by RJ Clifford